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Friday 11 October 2019 11am – 3pm
St Pancras Church House, 1 Lancing Street, NW1 1NA

If it sounds too good to be true …

Even when something sounds plausible, it can still be a scam. How can we spot the unscrupulous person who is out to trick us, without seeing everyone as a potential threat? And what does security look like and where do we find it as we grow older?

In this workshop, we’ll hear about current scams on the doorstep, the phone or online, and share tips to keep ourselves and other people safe. And, as always with PSALM, there will be things to make us think, opportunities to share our own experience and reflections, and something to make us all laugh!

You can download the flyer here:

Faith, Art and Ageing

Thursday 15th August 11am-3pm at St Pancras Church House, Lancing St, London

Painting is the grandchild of nature. It is related to God’ (Rembrandt)

Join us to think about what we can learn about faith and ageing through art – although absolutely no appreciation of art or ability to draw is required! We’ll share ideas on the value of non-verbal forms of communication, reflect on images of older people in art – challenging some of the stereotypes we might find on the way – and try out a practical form of praying through art. You’re never too old to try something new!